Dr. Sarah is a Chiropractic clinician at movement, treating all age ranges.

Dr. Sarah specializes in active rehabilitation, meaning she is very passionate about the value of incorporating movement into her patients lives. She sees movement and exercise as a way to help her patients prepare for the demands of every day life and adapt to strength stimuli to build movement confidence. She not only wants to provide movement for the benefits of physical and mental longevity, but she wants to use movement as a teaching tool for her patients to use on their own in self-managing pain and discomfort.

Dr. Sarah first learned about human movement through her bachelors degree at Penn State. She graduated from the honors college with a degree in Kinesiology and has built on that foundational education ever since. She took that knowledge to her internship with the strength and conditioning department at the University of Connecticut. There she spent her time watching programming come to life for the woman’s volleyball, soccer, and mens hockey team. After her east coast experiences she made the cross country move to Southern California. Here is where she attended Southern California University of Heath sciences and obtained her Doctorate of Chiropractic with an emphasis in Sports Medicine. During her time in school she wanted to expand her knowledge of fitness so in March of 2021 she decided to dive into the world of weightlifting where she obtained her Level 1 USA Weightlifting Coach certification. She trained at So Cal Weightlifting for a year learning how to perform and coach the three olympic lifts. After her time at So Cal Weightlifting she was introduced to Crossfit and has been coaching and participating ever since. Currently, she is completing coursework for the Certified Chiropractic Sport Physician (CCSP) and CSCS certification.

Dr. Sarah is East Coast made, being born in the Springfield area of Massachusetts but growing up mostly in Connecticut. There she learned how to play basketball, gymnastics, softball, and even had a dancing phase at one point. Despite her height, she chose to commit to basketball as her sport playing all through high school and competitive AAU for 4 years. After high school she spent her undergraduate years at Penn State focusing on academics but watching almost every single Penn State football game. She then made the cross-country move out to Southern California to attend chiropractic school and take advantage of the sunshine. She continues to stay diversely active with crossfit, weightlifting, yoga, spin, kickboxing, and hiking. She also loves to keep her brain active with puzzles and reading books, Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Suess being her favorite.


Tolland, Connecticut 


2008 celtics 


Ocean plunging, hiking, Crossfit 


Chimichurri sauce 


You need your dreams while you’re asleep and you need your dreams while you’re awake

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