Our Mission

Providing the highest quality of chiropractic care.

Movement Chiropractic and Sports Recovery’s mission is to inspire others to move well and with confidence. We achieve this through prioritizing connection, client education, and 1-on-1 individualized care.

Training IS healthcare, and at Movement we believe that we need to provide a healthy amount of challenge, a great support system to cultivate learning and growth, and an environment for you to enjoy yourself throughout the process.

The human body is an eco-system, we are not machines. We deserve more than just a temporary “quick fix” for our chronic pain problems.

Why Movement?

  • We are interested in your goals and work to develop you as an individual
  • We utilize evidence-based techniques that are proven to improve your rate of recovery
  • We apply myofascial release techniques to increase mobility and focus on neuromuscular re-education to strengthen the muscles and create stability for the joint regions involved
  • We work to educate you as patients and give you the confidence to perform at your highest level